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Business Owners: 5 Reasons to Consider Security Investigations

The greater the competition in your market, the more you need to be a master strategist to succeed. In order to make informed decisions, you need as much accurate, relevant information as possible.

Traditional security investigations, though not inexpensive, can be enormously helpful in your decision-making process, as can assessments by an experienced psychologist in matters of personnel. However, there are limits to these forms of scrutiny, partially outlined on the linked page below.

Alternatively, my unusual appraisals are a tremendously insightful supplement to keep you very well informed: 5 Possible Ways to Understand and Outmaneuver Your Enemy

Sometimes you just unexpectedly walk into a difficult circumstance that completely goes against your plans, and no amount of traditional security investigations or psychologist analyses can help you. It’s an unavoidable situation, fate knocking at your door, and you look for someone else to help out, but it’s just you, and your entire livelihood is on the line. The key to dealing with such difficult situations is to always be prepared ahead of time.

Whether it’s related to the people you do business with, or what fate throws at you without warning in other parts of your professional (or personal) life, it pays to be prepared.

Five Reasons to Consider my Unconventional Security Investigations:

  1. Find out ahead of time if a person in your business or personal life represents problems related to overall compatibility, inauspicious timing and, or red flag personality areas.
  2. Discover what really motivates a person, how they think, such as through my Motivation Assessment Analysis: Acquire piercing insight about actual, genuine personal motivations. This analysis evaluates 13 key drives such as financial rewards, personal accomplishment, approval, social involvement, practical interests, and more. Each area is scored with a Personality Trait Evaluation Graph.
  3. Examine a person’s progress over a period of time and find out if they are advancing or in decline. This can be related to, for example, state of mind and motivation, or more esoterically, their fate outlined by cumulative natal and cyclical timing patterns representing career and personal ups and downs (e.g., if they are simply at the end of a major phase, about to begin anew, or if it’s “curtains”—the end). Everyone has different timing.
  4. Estimate how a competitor, enemy, associate, or potential business partner will make their next move. Knowing what motivates the person is helpful, as is understanding their subconscious fears and defenses, along with their overall timing, which representatively pushes them toward their fate.
  5. Find out who is executive material, who doesn’t really fit in, and who is likely to be disloyal.
  6. Gain the upper hand in negotiations and acquisitions by knowing ahead of time the raw symbolism of the overall timing of related events, in conjunction with your personal timing. Based on the approximate timing of when potential opportunities arise, they can be classified into select categories: very good and in your favor; decent; neutral; challenging; and unlikely to materialize and likely to be unprofitable.
  7. Understand the hidden dynamics of personality conflict (e.g., hidden red flag personality issues, hidden compatibility issues, conflicting timing, etc.) and allow for faster conflict resolution.

Limit your risk of financial loss, wasted time, and missed opportunities, and gain an enormous advantage over your competition through my invaluable assessments.